Planters First Bank Preparedness Plan: Current Concern : Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

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Updated Posted: March 28, 2020
Subject Line: Latest Update from Planters First Bank

On March 27th Congress passed and the President signed the $2.2 trillion coronavirus spending bill also known as the CARE ACT. The Payment Protection Program in the Act establishes a lending program of $349 billion for Small Businesses. This program includes nonprofits and independent contractors and it will provide small businesses with immediate, low-cost assistance for payroll and operating costs. Although the details of this program are still being outlined, we’re here to help. Not only does Planters First Bank plan to participate, but we also plan to be your go-to resource when it comes to this program.

Please contact your personal banker directly or call (800) 684-8118 to learn more.
Check out for regular updates about the CARE Act.

Thank you for banking with Planters First Bank.

Updated Posted: March 24, 2020
Subject Line: Latest Update from Planters First Bank

Coronavirus Q&A

To protect our customers and our staff. The coronavirus is spreading at an unprecedented pace and because of this we want to keep you and our staff safe. Although our lobbies are closed, we’re still available to assist through our Drive Thru’s, individual appointments, and over the telephone.
Our drive thru’s are open during normal business hours and we’re happy to meet with you in person but request that you schedule an appointment. Click to find branch or ATM.
You can also call us during normal business hours. Our general 800 number is 800.684.8118. We also offer toll-free telephone banking at 877.445.8814, online banking, and mobile banking. Click to learn more.
If you’d like to open a deposit account, please contact us at 800.684.8118. A personal banker will be happy to assist.
This depends on your situation. Please contact us at 800.684.8118 to discuss specifics.
We are cleaning all hard surfaces multiple times throughout the day. With that said, we recommend that you take additional precautions such as using hand sanitizer, washing your hands, etc.. when interacting with anyone or a shared space. Hand Sanitizer is available within our branches.
No. We will never request this information through email, text, or outbound calls. Unfortunately, fraudsters are using the pandemic to take advantage of people. If you receive something that isn’t from a legitimate source or doesn’t appear to be legitimate, please disregard or call the correct source to verify.
Yes. The Small Business Administration is offering low interest loans to small businesses impacted by the Coronavirus. Please visit, to learn more.


The Federal Government is also working to implement additional funding resource channels through the SBA. We at Planters First Bank can help you navigate through these programs and talk through in house lending options.
We are sending regular communications through email, Facebook and on our website. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to our Facebook page. Also, please provide your current email address and phone number so we can verify this is current.
We are sending regular updates through email, Facebook, and posts on our website. Also, please check you junk/spam folders to see if these communications are being stopped by your email provider.
You can make a payment through our drive thru, mail, night drop, and online/mobile banking.
No, all scheduled transactions are being processed timely and our applications are fully operational.
Since 1933, no depositor has ever lost a penny of FDIC-insured funds. Today, the FDIC insures up to $250,000 per depositor per FDIC-insured bank. An FDIC-insured account is the safest place for consumers to keep their money.
Yes. The FDIC has a team of subject matter experts available to answer your questions.

Please call 1-877-ASK-FDIC (1-877-275-3342) and ask to speak to a Deposit Insurance Subject Matter Expert between 8:30AM- 5:00PM Monday-Friday.
The Federal Reserve System has and will continue to meet the currency needs of banking customers. Be assured that sufficient resources are available to handle customer needs. Keep in mind, the safest place for your money is inside a bank. Banks will continue to ensure that their customers have access to funds either directly or electronically, and inside an FDIC insured bank, your funds are protected by the FDIC.
If you feel ID theft is a concern, or have reason to believe you may be a victim of ID theft, you may place a "fraud alert" on your credit file, by contacting the fraud department at one of the three major credit bureaus for which contact information appears below:

Equifax: 1-800-525-6285;; P.O. Box 740241, Atlanta, GA 30374- 0241

Experian: 1-888-EXPERIAN or 1-888-397-3742;; P.O. Box 9554, Allen, TX 75013

TransUnion: 1-888-909-8872;; Fraud Victim Assistance Department, P.O. Box 2000, Chester, PA 19016 You only need to notify one credit bureau.

The one that processes your fraud alert will notify the other two. Those two then must place fraud alerts in your file. Placing a “fraud alert” on your credit file can help prevent a thief from opening new accounts or making changes to your existing accounts. Be aware, however, that placing an alert on your credit file also may prevent you from opening an account unless the bank can contact you and positively confirm your identity and that you are applying for credit. In addition, people who think their personal information has been misused should contact the local police. They also can contact and file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission by phone at 877-IDTHEFT or 1-877-438-4338 or TDD 1-866-653-4261 or on the Internet at . As always, protect your Social Security number, bank account and credit card numbers, and other personal information, especially in response to unsolicited requests from strangers. Fraudsters may try to trick you into divulging personal information, or they may steal sensitive mail or documents from homes and offices.

Updated Posted: March 17, 2020
Subject Line: Latest Update from Planters First Bank

Planters First Bank remains committed to our customers, associates, and community during this time of uncertainty. To help protect the health of our customers and employees, we are closing our branch lobbies effective Wednesday, March 18, 2020. Our drive-thru locations will remain open, and as needed, we’ll set up in-person meetings at your preferred branch location. To schedule a meeting, please contact your banker directly or call your local branch at 800.684.8118. Please note that we offer some great tools such as online banking, mobile banking, and a 24-hour telephone banking system that should assist you during this unprecedented time.

General Availability:

Help is available.

If the Coronavirus known as COVID-19 has caused you financial difficulties, we’re here to help. Our team of bankers is committed to working with our customers to help reduce financial stress during this unprecedented time. Please contact your local branch staff, your dedicated banker, or our Customer Service team at 800.684.8118 to learn more.

Self-service tools are available.

We encourage you to use Online Banking and Mobile Banking options for your everyday banking needs. Through these channels, you can check balances, transfer funds, deposit checks, pay bills, or find the nearest ATM. Our Customer Service team can help you activate (or help you use) your digital banking services, by calling: (800) 684-8118.

We also offer toll-free Telephone Banking at 877.445.8814. Through this service, you can access important information about your account(s) 24/7. If you haven’t enrolled previously and want to learn more, please contact our Customer Service team at 800.684.8118.

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Original Post: March 11, 2020
Subject Line: Planters First Bank Preparedness Plan: Current Concern: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

At Planters First Bank, our team members, customers, and community welfare are important to us. We're here to help keep you and your family informed and your finances safe. Planters First Bank is closely monitoring the potential for the spread of Coronavirus within the United States.

Here are some proactive steps Planters First Bank is taking to keep team members/customers safe and share information with you to help protect yourself.

  • All public spaces within Planters First Bank facilities are being cleaned regularly.
  • Team members have been provided with information on how to stay healthy and how to avoid illness through proper hygiene practices.
  • Team Members are instructed to stay home when they are not feeling well. We have assembled a cross-functional team to frequently meet to review, monitor, and adjust operations as the situation changes to ensure the continuation of critical business functions.

For customers, we recommend the following:

  • We encourage you to use online banking and mobile banking options for your everyday banking needs. Through these channels, you can check balances, transfer funds, deposit checks, or find the nearest ATM. Our Customer Service team can help you activate (or help you use) your digital banking services, by calling: (800) 684-8118.
  • Please make sure your mobile phone number, email address, and mobile banking alerts are up-to-date for all of your accounts. This will also help if we have to contact you quickly about your account—call (800) 684-8118 for assistance updating this information.
  • We ask that you take the time to review prevention tips provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Remain cautious! Cybercriminals are sending out Coronavirus (COVID-19) related scams.

Listed are some examples of the types of scams you should be on the lookout for:

Coronavirus: Scammers follow the headlines

FTC & FDA: Warnings sent to sellers of scam Coronavirus treatments

Always beware of scams using fear/intimidation, trickery, urgency, or disinformation related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) to attempt to steal your sensitive, personal, or account information. Watch out for strange calls, emails, texts or websites that look like they are coming from legitimate businesses or government agencies asking for information like SSN, usernames/passwords (login info), account numbers, credit or debit card numbers, PINs, etc. Planters First Bank will never request such information through email/text/outbound calls. Always check your account statements for official websites and customer service numbers and call those numbers directly rather than giving out information over the phone/email/text.

Please be reassured that Planters First Bank is taking the necessary steps to avoid potential disruptions of service to our customers. Planters First Bank continues to monitor the situation using information from trusted sources, including the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organizations (WHO), banking agencies/regulators, and state/local health agencies. While it is impossible for anyone to predict the spread of the Coronavirus and fully understand its impact, it does not alter our focus on continuing to serve you.