About Us
Planters First Bank is a locally owned community bank serving Middle Georgia.

Founded in 1896, Planters First Bank is the 8th oldest financial institution in Georgia. We are made up of local citizens that care about our communities. We are committed to making a difference and we believe our impact in the communities we serve has been profound over the past century. Our Mission is to provide exceptional service, returns, and opportunities to our customers. This will continue to be our goal and our legacy.

The Mission of Planters First Bank is to:

P Provide prompt exemplary service

L Listen to our customers and to our staff

A Act with Honesty and Integrity

N Nurture employee and community growth

T Tap all available resources for service

E Educate our customers on financial products and services

R Reward performers who work resourcefully to provide a solid return on the investment of our shareholders

S Serve as an active corporate citizen in our communities

We will:

F Fashion quality and convenience in all we do

I Illustrate good corporate citizenship

R Remember to do unto others as we would have them do unto us

S Strive to always exceed our customers’ expectations

T Talk the talk and walk the walk