About Us
Planters First Bank is a locally owned community bank serving Middle Georgia.

Founded in 1896, Planters First Bank is the 8th oldest financial institution in Georgia. We are made up of local citizens that care about our communities. We are committed to making a difference and we believe our impact in the communities we serve has been profound over the past century. Our Mission is to provide exceptional services, returns, and opportunities to our Customers,Team Mates, and Shareholders. This will continue to be our goal and our legacy.

Our Vision:

Planters First Bank will be The Best Community Bank for Middle Georgia.

Our Mission:

Planters First Bank will deliver Exceptional Services, Returns, and Opportunities for our Customers, Team Mates, and Shareholders.

Our Core Values:

  • We will treat every member of our team with Respect without regard to title or position.
  • We will practice Servant Leadership and a sense of Stewardship.
  • We will encourage our team mates, in the spirit of a “No Surprises" environment, to speak honestly and openly about the good and not so good and bring Solutions to problems and concerns.
  • We will make Compensation meet the dual test of internal fairness and external competitiveness.
  • When Sacrifice is required, it will start at the top.
  • We will Stay Focused on the things we do well with a spirit of disciplined entrepreneurship.
  • Our values and operating principles must be written on our hearts.
  • We will be Accountable, Fair, Responsible and exhibit a sense of Ownership.
  • We will honor the resources and needs entrusted to us by our Shareholders, Team Mates, and Customers and seek to balance their interests.
  • We will be active in the Communities we serve.